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How to set up your Microsoft Power Automate Rainbird decisioning integration

Today, we've announced a new integration that enables you to integrate Rainbird with Microsoft Power Automate. You need a connector (a .json file) to set up the integration. If you don't have one, simply contact us here to say you'd... (More)

Rainbird now integrates with Microsoft Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate users can now set up new automation flows much faster and handle complex decisioning by integrating Rainbird.

If you use Microsoft Power Automate, then we have good news. We’ve created an integration between Microsoft Power Automate and... (More)

Workflow training content

This is the training material for Workflow, Rainbird's embedded integration tool.

The three workflows references are:

Training workflow 3

See also the Workflow Training content.

This workflow collects information in a form, and injects it into a Rainbird query. If Rainbird can get a result with the information provided it will email it, otherwise it will email an... (More)

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