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This workflow gathers a name and email address via an online form, then sends a link to the Rainbird agent via email.

The settings shown blowe are designed for use with the attached "Hello World for Workflow.rbird" file - to use it, download the file and import it into your Rainbird platform. However you can easily adjust the settings for any other Rainbird map.


Form > FormTrigger component

This trigger component starts the flow, collecting the user’s name and email address.

  • Form URL – This is the link to the form – once the flow is working, copy and paste this into your browser to start the process.
  • Form Title – Collect email and name
  • Form Description – You can enter a description here if you wish
  • Form fields (1)
    • Label – Name
    • Description - The person's name
    • Type – Select Text
    • Default value – Name
    • Index – Leave as 0
  • Form fields (2)
    • Label – Email address
    • Description – The user’s email address
    • Type – Select Email
    • Default value – Email
    • Index – Leave as 0
  • Call to Action – Submit
  • Thanks Message - Please check your emails for the link
  • Thanks Image URL – Leave blank
  • Script – Leave blank
  • Stylesheet – Leave blank


Rainbird > Start component

This component links the workflow to a specific Rainbird map.

  • Base URL – Community (or other environment if applicable)
  • API key – Enter your Rainbird API key
  • Knowledge Map ID – Enter the ID for the knowledge map you want to query


Rainbird > Agent Action component

This component creates a rainbird ‘agent’, i.e. a way of running queries in the Rainbird map.

There are two Out ports: ‘Agent’ Provides the URL for the agent, and 'Out' sends the result of the query, if required (it will not be used In this flow as the result will just be displayed in the agent screen).

  • Base URL - Community (or other environment if applicable)
  • Session ID – Select Start: Session ID
  • Subject – Select Name
  • Relationship – might speak (i.e. the name of the relationship being queried in the Rainbird map – this cannot be selected, so should ideally be copied and pasted from the map)
  • Object – Leave blank (as this will be provided by the Rainbird map)


Email > SendEmail component

This will send an email with any information you specify. In this flow it will send the Rainbird agent link to the email address collected in the form. The user will be able to click on the link and interact with Rainbird.

  • To – Click on the menu icon and select Email address
  • From – leave blank
  • Reply to – leave blank
  • Subject – Agent link (or whatever else you want the email’s title to be)
  • Attachment file – leave blank
  • Text – Click on the menu and select Web link. You can add any other explanatory text you wish too.
  • HTML – Leave blank



Running your workflow

Your flow is now ready to be run. Click the Start Flow button, then go to the Form Trigger component and copy the Form URL

Paste this into your browser and complete the form. You should receive the agent link via email.