Today, we've announced a new integration that enables you to integrate Rainbird with Microsoft Power Automate. You need a connector (a .json file) to set up the integration. If you don't have one, simply contact us here to say you'd like a copy.

Here's how to set up your Microsoft Power Automate integration, once you’ve received your connector from us.

1. Import and create Rainbird Connector in Microsoft Power Automate

Log in to your Microsoft Power Automate account. In the left panel, go to Data > Custom Connectors > and select New custom connection > and choose Import an OpenAPI file.

Then, name your connection “Rainbird Connector” and import the .json file from your Downloads folder.

Finally, click Create connector.

2. Authenticate your Rainbird Connector

Now, you need to authenticate your new Rainbird Connector. 

To do this, log in to your Rainbird platform account (or create a free Rainbird platform account by joining Rainbird Community) and copy your Rainbird API key. 

Go to Microsoft Power Automate and, on your new Rainbird Connector, click + / Create connection. Paste your Rainbird API key into the username box, and add the password: Rainbirdisthinking. Finally, click Create connection.

When setting up a flow in Microsoft Power Automate, your new Rainbird connector will appear under Custom.

Congrats—you're good to go!

If you need any help, see our API documentation. You can also always contact your Rainbird account manager or ask a question as a comment on this thread and one of our team will get back to you.