If you were to try and guess which language a stranger speaks (without talking to them, of course), how would you go about it? 

James Duez, Rainbird CEO, builds a Rainbird map that's a simple model of the logic you might apply when trying to figure out the language anyone in the world speaks. He then shows how Rainbird uses this model to automate the decision-making of identifying a person's language. 

It's a very simple map and isn't supposed to represent the most sophisticated thing you can build in Rainbird. But it does illustrate why Rainbird's knowledge representation approach can be superior to alternatives like machine learning and decision trees. 

As you watch the video, you can edit along with James. Simply download the .rbird file (titled "Language Demo") attached to the bottom of this article. Then follow these steps:

1. Log into your Rainbird platform account
2. Click "New Map" in the top right hand corner of the screen
3. Click "Import from File" at the centre of the screen
4. Select the "Language Demo" map from your device
5. Click "Save" in top centre of the page
6. Name your file "Language Demo" and hit save

Now, press play on the video below and get started unlocking the power of intelligent decision automation.