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v4.44 - increased explainability

In v4.44 we have made improvements to the evidence for a Rainbird result.

The evidence API endpoint has been updated to return additional information that provides increased explainability of a generated fact.

This includes:

  1. the maximum certainty the rule was... (More)

v4.40 - testing and deploying your knowledge maps just got easier

We are thrilled to announce a new update to our product that will make it even easier and efficient for you to access and query your knowledge map.

Previously, users could only connect to either the draft or live version... (More)

Ian Barker
Partner Success Manager
Rainbird is pleased to announce that it has become an Advanced UiPath Technology Alliance Partner.

You can download the UI-Path connector from:
On behalf of the whole Rainbird Team, I would like to wish all of our community members a fantastic holiday season! Here at Rainbird, we consider ourselves fortunate to have such a great network of valued customers and partners. Thank... (More)
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